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The most duanting and difficult question to answer, especially as one tile can cost $20.00 or $200.00, a fridge $2000.00 or $20,000.00. its a about budget, and sticking to budgets is all about control...

The new costing template is here! designed by Jonathan Spicer design this allows you to visually and effectively cost and track your build.

After years of dealing with messy cost breakdowns, spreadsheets and estimates that are confusing, complicated, boring, limited and hard to use, Jonathan set about designing a template that can be used as a quick and easy one stop shop to get an idea of the whole picture. see areas of the job that you can control, input and delete items while at home and focus on areas where you can save and see potential costs that can be fine tuned.

Head to the Building costs page at the top and down load your user friendly cost tracker!



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