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jonathan spicer design - home builder cost tracker

Designed with ease of use in mind, this visually helpful excel spread sheet is everything you need to get your head around what you are up for in the big adventure that is building your own home.


It is always recommended that for accurate results one should seek professional assistance such as a qualified builder or quantity surveyor, but even they can’t predict what tile, tap or bench top you want, that’s the beauty of custom homes, aided by your architect and your own appreciation for style - it speaks of you, your tastes and inspiration. 


With this in mind, we set about designing a user-friendly interface that allows one to begin the process of costing out this dream and bringing areas, finishes, and costs that generally hang in the unknowns until the job is finished to the start of the game instead of the end.


This blank template puts you back in control allowing you to monitor, budget and understand the many layers involved in a build from before the first line is drawn until you turn that key - all without over complicating it.


·         Quick reference dashboard with visual representations of all costs.

·         Track your monthly spend

·         See your current square meter rate

·         Understand what you’re up for during different stages of the build

·         Add external consultants such as lighting or interior designers, council etc to see the bigger picture

·         Be in control in areas of spend such and fixtures and finishes

·         Easy to use quoting menus to better understand trade estimates

·         Fixed vs variable cost – see where the risk lies

·         Room by room breakdowns; see where the money is going!

·         Additional features include deposits, builders margin, contingency, build time & progress claims

·         Easily adjustable % rates and build time to tailor to your project

For more information email us at the office to be sent your copy.







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