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jonathan spicer design

Our design philosophy is simple, clean and functional.

When it comes to designing spaces, our approach is not just to look at how the spaces will be used but how a series of events can be made effortless by the way these spaces connect.

Our lifestyles are all different, and we generally alter the way we move, function, entertain and relax day to day due to the constraints set by spaces we occupy.

Take a step back, and work through what is important... our individual philosophy about how we relax, eat, or how we entertain, where and when we like to communicate with others or where we can hide away and read a book. We all have our own thoughts on how this could be made easier, how we would like to function as opposed to how we do currently.

This allows us to tell a new story, one that is custom made to our future vision. Taking these ideas, we can generate a design that is not just a series of spaces but a beautiful representation of how we prefer to interact, move and relax. It’s a story of you, your lifestyle, your way.



Jonathan spicer

Before starting his own firm, Jonathan was Senior Associate at The Quinlan Group (TQG) a position he also enjoyed at Archengine prior to it being acquired by TQG. 

While his position was still heavily involved in driving the conceptual and design development stages from the beginning and throughout the construction process, with TQG he had a greater role in Consultant management, problem-solving and cost-cutting without losing design integrity and quality. 


Jonathan was pivotal in the operations and implementation of new strategies as they moved laterally across the field of construction into a more frontline company, delivering a complete package of services.


Now with his own vehicle, he brings valuable experience and knowledge developed through the many Design n Construct projects they produced for nearly a decade. 


A global Architect, Jonathan spent many years learning from the various countries he has lived extensively in and traveled to throughout the past two decades. 


These different cultural settings brought with it new lifestyle philosophies and informed different ways to plan and see design as he worked on projects for various clients whilst living in Japan, Greece and the Netherlands.


Closer to home projects include high-end residential houses and holiday homes as well as resorts in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, and Indonesia.


Jonathan Spicer Design continues to carve out a distinctive and sort after style.


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